Paleo Salmon and Asparagus Tea

How to make Paleo work in my day

PS. I’m a wife, a mum (three teenagers still at home), I run a business with 65 employees, and I have no life – no but seriously!!

This was so easy to make after work: ten minutes prep then twenty minutes cooking – perect paleo fayre.

After tea I lined some muffin cups with ham and spring onions and a couple of anchovies for the morning rush. When we wake up I will nip down and add eggs and bake the ham cup cakes as I dress for work.

Lunch is leftover salmon (its parsnip by the way not potato in the pan).

Tea tomorrow will be sweet potato stufffed with sardines.

If I am hungry during the day I will opt for a handful of nuts or may be an apple. This seldom happens.

The key for us is to stock up at the weekend, pencil in some meals and choose what we will eat the night before the day to defrost the protein and prep the veg. The kids help – they will turn the oven on before I get home, put the meat in if prompted, chop the veg if I am running late. They are all fabulous cooks and I tell our daughter every day that she will never be short on friends at college now she can cook so well.

She laughs at me (again). I’m right though!

Why am I paleo?

I’ve been both on and off the paleo wagon but this much I know for sure – in terms of personal performance, power, stamina and focus, paleo works. Mix it up with veg and butter days, portion control the meat and the cost is workable. The investment in good health is worth any additional cost in terms of food outlay.

The waking up rested, the waking up not feeling like I have been run over by a bus the waking up clear and fresh and sharp are further testament. The bringing together of our family at the supper table and preparing the food together are altogether unintended welcome consequences.

And now we have ’em, I’d be loathe to give them up.

How’s your paleo day?

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