Paleo Menu 12-10-15

This way of planning is working for me, a busy working mum.

A commitment to paleo is a commitment to cooking, to real food.

And that takes time.

Time we don’t always have, late home from work…..

And yet I am doing it, every day and what it’s giving me is a precious space to be creative in my home. Which after the trials and tribulations of running a business are so welcome at the end of the day. Its become a ritual, an opportunity a space to talk with the kids, share a brew with Michael, breathe.

On Sundays I create a menu based on meals I know and love. (see below)

We try to eat 80/20 paleo and supplement the kid’s diet with rice and potatoes and Robbie (at 16 years) has school dinners which are as he chooses and probably off-piste, that’s his business

I choose five main meals, at least one soup and various “others” which are for lunches eaten away from home at my desk.

So we may have cold meat, fennel coleslaw and salsa one day and then soup, paleo bread and cheese another, paleo muffins or supper time leftovers another

A little bit trial, a little bit error –



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