Pema Chodrun

I like Pema Chodrun.

I especially like her work with lion’s roar.

Here is an introduction and link to one of Pema’s ideas “How to Move Forward once you have Reached Rock Bottom”

It’s worth a read if like me, you have ever wondered about life and why it is the way it is.

When I read this article, I see my own path and the set backs (knock downs) but somehow the whole experience becomes part of something bigger and I find that quite profound.

Pema connects us to that.

Sometimes I think of my biggest challenge with food and overeating and remember how desperate we can feel when another diet hits the buffers. Knocked down again by a tidal wave of self loathing.

Through reading with Pema there is the beginning of a chink of understanding that this is an opportunity, a gift for change and transformation.

Because every time it happens there is an opportunity to be gentle, make peace, let it go. To start where you are and accpet yoruself.

And when we can finally hear that, it becomes the most extraordinarily empowering thing.

Now, each time it happens over, it seems less, the period of move through is faster, swifter, lighter if we lean in and see it for what it is. Let it go, Pema whispers.

I cannot recommend highly enough the writings and teachings of Pema Chodrun. I have learnt from Pema of common experience and connectedness. If you have read the “about me” section you will know how this stuff matters to me.

So these are my first notes on an author whose work takes its place on my bookshelf.

Go explore with Pema then write and tell me what you know, I’d love to hear from you.

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