Paleo Roasted Vegetable Tray Bake

Driving home this morning I caught a glimpse of exquisite halloween decorations on the grey iron railings by the side of the road.

Tiny seed pearls adorned huge cobwebs gleaming and glinting in the sun: lining the road in triumph.

But it wasn’t man made, it was nature and the sudden realisation of nature gifting us such a gem on this bright foggy Yorkshire November morning made me smile out loud.

Beautiful things, it seems, happen regardless.

Last night we had a simple supper before the Halloween: lamb chops with roasted vegetables

I fried up the leftovers with some chicken and bacon strips and served this with a fried egg each for breakfast this morning so the tray bake of vegetables has lasted for two meals.


Assorted batch of root vegetables (parsnips, sweet potato, carrots, raw beetroot,)
2 red onions (cut into six wedges per onion)
Garlic Bulb (chop the bit off the bottom but you can leave in the skins)
3 tbspns olive oil
Red Wine or Raspberry Vinegar
Cooking time: approx 1 hour


Peel and chop up the veg (not the onions or garlic) and place in a roasting tray
Liberally coat with olive or other oil and dot with butter across the surface
Place in oven at 180 to bake
At about the half hour point, turn the veg in the tray and add in the onion and garlic pieces
About 10 mins from the end add in two to three tablespoons of vinegar
Shake the tray and return to the oven – perhaps turn the heat up a little if you like your veg crispy
Enjoy on their own or with a cut of meat.

PS. remember….

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