Paleo Slow Cook Beef Stew

Mad rush this morning but I can say with conviction tea is already sorted.


Last night I prepped some veg: parsnips, onions, carrots and wrapped some jacket potatoes in a little oil and tin foil and put them in the fridge over night. Before leaving for work this morning, I browned some stewing steak in a pan with some oil, threw it into a slow cooker (seriously, is this why Americans call it chuck steak)…loaded on the prepped vegetables, bay leaves, seasoning and a couple of shots of worcestershire sauce and set the slow cooker on low for eight hours.

That’s going to smell great all day.

Rob can put some jackets into the oven when he gets back from school and I will cook up some green veg when I get home.

Before serving I will add a little tapioca starch or arrowroot to water and mix it in to thicken the sauce.

That’s it then, a paleo meal for a day.

Like I say, most of this is one foot in front of the other stuff.

Sooner or later its all gonna make sense.

Sooner or later its all gotta make sense.

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