Another Level Up

“There’s always another level up. There’s always another ascension. More grace, more light, more generosity, more compassion, more to shed, more to grow”

It’s a quote from Elizabeth Gilbert I heard this morning on an interview with Oprah.

It caught me by surprise. That’s all.

I read the words over and turned them over in my mind.

When I watched my tiny toddler children make their way in the world each one climbed the stairs up.

On slides in the playground, on steps in the park, on the slippery stair case up to the second floor of my home the drive to climb was within each one of them, innate.

I would sit back, my heart in my throat watching this instinctive drive upwards to climb. All four of my children had it. I knew too that if I put myself in the way of this I would change, no break something profound…and so I let them climb.

I always have and they make their own way now and sometimes I pick them up and sometimes, I stand back, I have to surrender and I have to trust.

And I can see now that for every downward spiral for every time you think you reach rock bottom and for every trap door that opens up beneath us again, there is an equal and opposite reaction that can lift us up.

Empty bowl, fill me up and never stop.

There’s another piece from this morning that I am prompted to record: that the time may not be right to do the thing we’re called to do but we gotta have a plan for the day will come when we are called to action and we can be ready.

No excuses.

Sunday morning musings.

It’s raining outside again, heavy drops full of water bursting onto the wood decking.

My house is full this weekend. My guests, sleeping, it’s quiet now but all is well.

And so writing becomes my journey to find my authentic Self and to dare to write and express from that place.

What is your journey and what holds you back ?

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