Epitaph, Footnote: Jo Cox, MP

Vibrant, courageous, compassionate: three words to describe a life.

Another tragedy another mother lost in the battle against hatred.

How devastatingly cruel to lose such a character as Jo Cox, MP for Batley and Spen in West Yorkshire someone who could and was making a difference for her community.

The Daily Telegraph describes her as a five foot bundle of Yorkshire Grit.

I see her as a determined red head with a passion for red dresses that clothed her in labour splendour.


I am saddened for the loss to her family and her motherless children and hear her husband Brendan’s call for those children to be bathed in love. Life is much more than this tragedy, I hope and pray you were blessed to experience enough of your mother’s indomitable love to tide you through a life time.

Of course you will always want more.


I am moved by television pictures of the beautiful barge boat you lived on in London, moored up and bedecked in wild flowers of every hue and colour, the children queuing to place more flowers and the plaintiff, wailing sound of the boat horns blasting out over and over in loud mournful recognition of the unbearable loss.

United in grief.

I am surprised by the depth of my own sadness.

This morning when I awoke I saw my son Conor so clearly standing with his back to the window with the sun streaming through. He was wearing a pale yellow jumper and white t-shirt beneath untucked and over tight, skin tight black jeans – the sort Robbie wears.

The sun was so bright his image was blurred, I felt so happy to see him, my beloved older son.

Before he was born, I lost a baby.

Conor was not the oldest child of our family and I think he felt the loss more than any, an instinctive knowing that there was someone before him and that the burden of responsibility as the oldest child ought not to have been his.

I really miss you son.

It is a day for love, unconditional and strong where ever that may take us.

Here’s to my own much beloved children and to a mother of courage and compassion whose life was taken away so suddenly, yesterday.

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