Weekend Matters: Lemons, Blueberries and more

Its been one of those indecisive weekends of summer. How was it for you?

All I can say is that later, it began to rain, over and over; leaving the ground sodden and heavy underfoot 😦

Cass the Hawk

Earth bound and tethered til we can let him fly, Cass the Hawk huddled under the striped awning, occasionally mantling then shaking and then resting, one leg tucked up high into his underbelly.

Resigned, uncertain still learning: a far cry from the splendour of Ted Hughes “Hawk in the Rain” , I wish the rain would stop and allow summer to truly bloom.


But the weekend did give an opportunity to cook in our new kitchen and test out some recipes for the party: blueberry lemon tart courtesy of zen belly catering, potted salmon and paleo bread and some very un-paleo biscuits courtesy of the national institution that is Nigella (Lawson, of course). After some thought, Rob re-named the biscuits Boris Biscuits for obvious reasons and because the UK vote for in or our of Europe will be over by the time I write next week – wow – will everything be different or will nothing change – only time will tell…

Blueberry and Lemon Tart

Best make of the weekend was this lovely, blueberry and lemony tart straight out of the kitchen of zen belly catering and endorsed by the Oliver household – its summery and light and would work, I think too without blueberries and a light dusting of icing sugar instead but the flavour mirrored the taste of a traditional “tarte citroen” and for a dairy free, grain free alternative is spot on.

This tart is going onto the party menu!

Readers of a nervous disposition who dislike real pictures of home -cooked food, please look away now…

Potted Salmon

My second make was this potted salmon which tastes light and amazing and is seriously good, served with paleo bread, olives, cheese and some tangy pickled onions.

Here is the magazine picture:

and this is my (a-hem) home-made more rustic version, beautiful!

Follow the link above for my infallible paleo bread recipe and the recipe that follows for the potted salmon:


150g unsalted butter ( plus extra for greasing)
1 tbspn oil of choice ( I used olive but please don’t shout)
600g salmon fillet, skin on
1/2 tsp fresh grated nutmeg
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
5 – ish drops of worcestershire sauce
lemon slices to garnish (optional but pretty)


Sterilise three small kilner jars (dishwasher hottest setting or follow guidance on jar)

Heat the oil in the frying pan on high heat and put the salmon in, skin side down. reduce the heat and cook for two mins on each side then cover and cook for a further minute before turning the heat off and leaving to cook for a further 5 minutes

Melt the butter in a small pan over a low heat, continue cooking for about 8 minutes until it turns slightly darker and the white milk solids rise to the surface.

As this cooks add, the spices and sauce and season well, pick through the fish and discard any bones and bits of skin.

Strain the butter through a muslin lined sieve (don’t think kitchen roll will suffice, it doesn’t just makes a big mess…)

Pour half of the clarified butter (yes, i think we actually made ghee) over the salmon flakes and warm through for 5 mins

Divide between the jars and pour over the remaining clarified butter.

Chill for at least four hours

Easy to make and store, strongly recommended

Boris Biscuits

(Note: cardiologists and nutritionalists look away now)

And here to close are the Boris Biscuits – I think the children who are coming to our party (open house) will like them but next time, I might change the design…but then that’s the fun of it all, don’t you think – nothing ever stays the same and faith assures us that whatever happens, this too will pass and its going to be all right.

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