Pavlova with Berries, Kiwi and Cream

Friday night birthday loveliness with my daughter. Snuck out from work early to collect the ingredients and bake the meringue. It was the chewy, sticky slightly toffee type of meringue. Easy recipe and lovely fun to create this with Poppy who turned up just as I was pondering how to pull it altogether…





This recipe was adapted from a basic Jamie Oliver recipe for summer berry pavlova, all credit due. The method to prepare the pavlova can be found here



Is food the way I was taught to love? Probably yes, but that’s a very shallow option really and what’s more, there was/is never enough. I have been thinking about this deeply following all the previous month’s over indulgence and in the annual post Christmas struggle for self acceptance. What I see is that any time a tussle with food and/or addiction appears something else is at play.

Head over to my reading page if you are interested in joining me to find out more..this is not a page to sigh on.

This is a page to celebrate and then dance…

Music..with the Suffers: Make some Room


(Photo Credit Louis Kwok)

This band is an american gulf coast soul band from Houston Texas who mix classic American Soul with rock and roll and a sublime brass section for those who love to dance.

And I love this..and honey, I do love you..Ready?

I know how to love
And I know who I am

Come on let me love you a little

And help me understand

Tell me bout your loss

And tell me bout your gains

I will be everything that you need in

Just one little frame

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