Mapping the Way Home

Mapping the Way Home: the Sufis and the Three Stages of Spiritual Awakening Food, body image and self-acceptance have run like a royal road right through my life.  Food is and was my safety, my comfort and my security, my north star through a difficult childhood adoption spent in fear of abandonment and fear of…

A Woman Submerged

A Woman Submerged So, for me, this very beautiful wall art (created by Sean Yoro and preserved somewhere in a bay East of Canada) sums up my real time experience of adoption. Not waving but drowning.  Not drowning but waving. Ahead then below. Below then ahead.  Submerged then free – ecstatically free – then back….

Saturday Notebook: Short film of Anne Lamott

So much wisdom and beautifulness in this short TED talk by Anne Lamott. There is an uneasiness in the country this weekend, that has all of us unsettled. Its a good day to view this talk on the “12 truths I learned on life and writing” and to remember this gem: “Grace always bats last”

Book Notes: Chit Happens

This holiday weekend I am loving this book from Narain Ishaya on the graceful art of surrender – what are you reading tonight?  

The Weekend Matters: Pink Grapefruit, Lemon and Raspberry Punch

(In which the writer finds Alice Oswald, makes peace with Graham Norton, draws together her family and celebrates the end of the kitchen project) Summer Tea Party Saturday dawned, breezy and bright and we hoped against hope the rain would hold off. Well it’s England and its summer and it didn’t but somehow, it didn’t…