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My name is Kate and I am a Writer, Mother, Wife and Adoptee – I’m so glad you stopped by!  

And Hello 2021, you are going to be great!

This blog is about faith, books and food – written by me, a wife, mother and adoptee. My kids are all grown up now and this is my time to be.  Every morning I run barefoot and fast.  The thrill of doing this will be familiar to anyone who has raised a family and worked full time and not been able to do this one small thing for them selves.  Hoorah, that way freedom lies…here is the view this morning.


In her book – The Story of a Happy Marriage – Anne Patchett wrote:

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I think this is me.  I write from what I know and that tends to reflect a life lived close to home.  But what is life, what makes a life, what makes us feel deeply alive?  For me, it’s writing, watching, exploring, reading, sharing, offering with an open hand anything and everything that has deeply moved me and made me feel alive in this human being-ness.

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What I am trying to say is that if you get that, you will get me and understand this blog.

I was/am an adoptee – and that matters because I always write through this lens, this prism/prison.  I am always seeking to join the dots and this may be unfamiliar to you.  For other adoptees, one thing I know for sure, you understand the struggle, the constant frantic efforts to avoid abandonment, the long fraught journey home.

Somebody Else Jackie Kay If I was not myself, I would be somebody else. But actually I am somebody else. I have been somebody else all my life. It's no laughing matter going about the place all the time being somebo

That poem is adoption, I think, in a nutshell.

Age creates perspective, understanding, growth….. if not forgiveness (yet)

That is a work in progress.

And me?  Well back in the day, I studied English Literature and trained as a librarian.   I held placards at Greenham Common and supported the miners by collecting money outside New Street Station.  I worked hard creating a career in London and in Leeds but my greatest achievements to date are raising my four children as a sometime single mum and finding a happy, second marriage at 45.

You can read more about my story here

Thank you for reading