Weekend Matters: Superfood Salad with Quinoa and Sweet Potato

I wanted some beautiful colour on my blog and some healthy food for the family

For a one-time paleo girl (admittedly transitioning to 80/20) you may have noticed we have gone a little heavy back to pies and pastry but not this weekend.

Instead, we ate:

This superfood salad with quinoa and roasted spiced sweet potato (and new potatoes) was flavoured with pomegranate and lime juice and tasted delicious – light and fresh. How funny that the best food calls us to eat without added sugar or other temptation – nature has quite enough to tempt us with soft sweet fruit (pomegranates in particular) – who knew they were so juicy.?

It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe, styled by me 😉 and a great addition to Saturday tea.


Cass flew high and free today, following Michael from tree to tree, tempted by the tidbits of chick and quail left on fence posts as they walked through the fields behind our house.

Later, Cass sat in the rain at the bottom of the garden and shivered.

He has become fond of a green toy plastic lizard that he jumps on and foots with his talons when bored.

He keeps a beady eye on it when we approach and leaps to protect his prey.

Later again, persistence paid off and  Cass took his first prey as he and Michael were charged down by a herd of bulls!

There was no stopping Cass though Michael had to drag him and the prey away to avoid the stampede: they leapt into a hedgerow and over a metal fence in one move – not easy in gum boots 😦

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